“I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this.”
McMurphy (Quotes from; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)
“They was giving me ten thousand watts a day, you know, and I’m hot to trot!”
In one week, I can put a bug so far up her ass, she don’t know whether to shit or wind her wristwatch.”
“Goddamn it Chief, you’re about as big as a damn mountain!”
“If Mr. McMurphy doesn’t want to take his medication orally, I’m sure we can arrange that he can have it some other way. But I don’t think that he would like it.
Nurse Ratched
You’re not an idiot. Huh! You’re not a goddamn looney now, boy. You’re a fisherman!
“That’s right, Mr. Martini there is an Easter Bunny.”
“Hit me, Chief, I got the moves!”

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