Graffiti Brick Lane
Brick Lane in East London Graffiti
City Wave
On the banks of the River Thames trying to capture a perfect city wave.
Canary Wharf
Walking through Canary Wharf London at night, absolutely wonderful!
My friend stole...
My friend is my camera, & now I see life in moments, trying to capture them. I love the gritty, visceral life of London streets, people, sound and smells. This is a travel story, walking, tube, and bus, and the people I see.
London and Movement
Capturing london at night
Dark Shadows
A walk through london at night.
Hackney graffiti
Exploring the Wick A great walk in the Hackney Wick area, passing the canals and graffiti, on a wonderfully sunny day, finding hidden walkways and pubs in a very creative area.
Shadows and light
A quick London trip, iPhone only looking for shadows and light.
Shooting into the sun
Light on the Southbank Taking photos on the Southbank, at the right time of the day in the summer, when the sun is low, the light just is amazing.
A few observational shots in the past coupl‚Äče years from London.
On the streets of Greenwich
Capturing people in and around Greenwich Market on a warm Sunday, pausing, drinking coffee, reading the paper, ice cream, walking, cooking, eating, arguing and relaxing.
DOF London
Experimenting with extreme depth of field.
View from St Paul's
London from the top of St Pauls Cathedral Sunshine, vertigo and 528 steps but what a view!
Shadows of London.
silhouette, outline, shape, contour, profile Part of a series of photographs for a storehouse story based on shadow play, or also known as shadow puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment.
Light Shadows
Walking in london looking at the shadows and reflections
Dark London
Some moody shots from a day in London.
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