A great piece of music to work with, which builds and builds and takes you on a journey, watch at 1080p full screen with the volume up as loud as you can!!
Filter Bear is an amazing musician his musical vision is to provide lush chords and top-lines that compliment an addictive groove. Expect nothing less than expressive house music with a unique and infectious energy, inspired by numerous genres.
“Adam has taken my single “Fable in Havana” and has created this stunning visual interpretation of the music. The video moves in phases grow's and develops with the track. In my opinion, Adam captured the mood and soul beautifully and honestly. I’ve viewed this in HD + fullscreen many times over and it works wonders as a way of meditation & relaxation.”
Quote from Filter Bear
Enjoy the collaboration video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF4QEkUK-KI
To check out Filter Bear other work head to the websites below.

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