This is my first app that I have designed and coded from start to finish, and to be honest I'm happy with it.
This is a collaboration between Sarah and Platform to produce an accompanying app to a fantastic piece of artwork, “The Good Food Chart”
The Good Food Chart App icon, designed to represent the chart in a bright and visual manner.

The Good Food Chart at is a companion product to an existing chart on sale in the UK.
The Good Food Chart was designed as a reference about the food we eat and why. There are 99 different types of food, each easily accessible in either a supermarket or farmers’ market. Each item, be it a blueberry or an oyster, is accompanied by a breakdown of the vitamins and minerals it contains, and the percentage this entails of our daily requirement. It also details 33 different nutrients and exactly why we need those vitamins and minerals and what they do for us. All this has been hand illustrated resulting in a visually appealing source of information.
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